Best Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

While using Excel, using keyboard shortcuts is one of the basic excel skills that save lots of time every day.

There are more than 500 keyboard shortcuts, but not all of those are important. Here are some important and useful shortcuts.

Basic Keys

Key Description
Control + Up Arrow move to the top end
Control + Down Down Arrow move to the down end
Control + Right Right Arrow move to the right end
Control + Left Left Arrow move to the left end
Control + C copy
Control + V paste
Control + X cut
Control + S save
Control + P print
Control + F4 save as
Control + Z undo the last action
Control + Y redo the last action
Control + A select all
Control + Spacebar select entire column
Shift + Spacebar select entire row
Delete delete
F2 edit cell
Esc close edit mode
F1 help

Menu Button right-click menu

Formatting Keys

Key Description
Ctrl + B bold
Ctrl + I italic
Ctrl + U underline
Ctrl + ! open format menu
Ctrl + Shift + @ format as time value
Ctrl + Shift + # format as a date
Ctrl + Shift + $ format as currency
Ctrl + Shift + % format as percentage
Alt → H → O → I / A adjust cell width to content
Alt → H → B → A apply border
Alt H F C change font color
Alt H H change cell color
Alt H A C align text to the center
Alt H M C merge cell
Alt H W wrap text
Alt H F F change font style
Alt H F S change font size
Alt H L N add conditional formatting
Alt H T format as table
Alt H J style cell

Insert & Layout Keys

Key Description
Alt N V insert pivot table
Alt N T insert table
Alt N P insert picture
Alt N S H insert shape
Alt N S C insert charts
Alt N I insert hyperlink
Alt N X insert text box
Alt N J insert object
Alt N U insert symbol
Alt N H insert header & footer
Alt N Z K open sparklines
Alt W V F hide/unhide formula bar
Alt W V H hide/unhide heading
Alt W V G hide/unhide gridlines
Alt W Q C change zoom
Alt W F F freeze pane
Alt W F I page break view
Alt W F C custom view
Alt W F P page layout view
Alt W A arrange windows

Functions and Data Shortcuts

Key Description
Shift + F3 insert function
Alt M R recently used functions
Alt M I financial functions
Alt M L logical functions
Alt M T text functions
Alt M E date and time functions
Alt M O lookup functions
Alt M G math and trig functions
Alt M Q more functions
Alt + = auto sum
Alt M N name manager
Alt D F F add filters
Alt A V V insert data validation
Alt A M remove duplicates
Alt A R A refresh all
Alt A E open text to column
Alt A G group rows and columns
Alt A U ungroup rows and columns
Alt A B add subtotal
Alt A S S open sort

Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Description
Alt H O R rename a worksheet
Alt + F1 insert the default chart

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