Deliver Your Presentations Like A Boss With These Three Practical Steps

Making impactful presentations does not have to be very complicated. Microsoft Excel provides many options to create powerful presentations that convey your audience effectively. These simple tips will make it possible for you to present better whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced MS Excel user.

Stick to a theme

uniform formatting is the best way to engage your audience. Don’t use random fonts and other characteristics; it can make it difficult for your audience to follow you. By using a simple set of rules can make your presentation more effective. Too much use of “USING.”

Here are some guidelines:

  • Use just one font.
  • Bold all headings for groupings of data/formulae.
  • Put comments on your analysis in italics.
  • Shade cells with a color key – e.g., raw data shaded grey, calculations green, results yellow.

Keep things coherent

Your Worksheet must follow a natural and coherent progression throughout the spreadsheet (left-right, top-bottom). Otherwise, your data will look quite incompetent. For example, you can accomplish a Worksheets flow from inputs (assumptions and raw data) through to calculation, followed by results. 

Highlight necessary data

To make it easier for your audience to see essential data, you need to make it stand out using some easy steps:

  • Visually soften the non-data elements of graphs and tables. For example, make axes and gridlines the same color but lighter than the data points.
  • Set the ‘Print Area’ so that the critical areas (and only the critical areas) of a spreadsheet are printed. Make sure page boundaries are set sensibly, so each page of printing makes sense in itself.

Microsoft Excel offers many ways to make your work smoother and more accessible. Sign up to Excel Accountant for more tips, tricks, shortcuts, and automation techniques to make your Worksheet more productive.

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